Why have a website?

Why consider having a website?

I don’t believe that a website is a “Silver Bullet” for business success; however your customers expect you to have one. When a website is up and running it can play a key role in positive customer communication when combined with a good marketing plan. A site can help increase branding, re-enforce your marketing presence and be at work for you 24/7, whether your employees are working or not. Today the internet is usually the first step in the buying process and helps establish market credibility!


Protecting your reputation

The Internet any more is much like the “wild west”, where people using social media and review sites can help or hurt your company’s reputation. A website and active marking campaign are great ways to help manage and respond to information posted by others.


Improving your website traffic

There are many factors in trying to stay on top of maintaining website traffic, from keywords, meta tags and page content, to search engine optimization (SEO), “Pay-for-Click” and other marketing tools that can increase your site’s visibility on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other search engines. Please consider giving me a call to review these items with you.


Why I am the right person to help?

My work to this point has been strictly “Word of Mouth”. The business continues to grow and I work hard to build lasting relationships. This is based on an open and honest approach to communicating. It is my goal to educate customers so that they can better understand the process and work with me to build their website. So if your are looking for someone to treat your business as if it were their own…then I welcome your call or email!

Websites working 24/7/365

    • Working for you 27/7/365 (no vacations or days off)
    • Increasing brand awareness
    • Online brochure
    • Educating customer about products & services
    • Building a sense of community with customers
    • Encourage customer contact
    • Placing “Call to Action”