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Local Search Engine with Structured Citation

Getting listing in 50 search engines

THE PROBLEMIncomplete or wrong information in your business listing
Search engines bring the best value when they provide complete and accurate business information.  The problem is that if you don’t work with them to provide the information they use third party resources and those source often provide incomplete or wrong information.


Imagine if your business moved or changed it’s phone number…if you didn’t have a direct line to the top search engines you could wait for years for your new information to reach search engines. And customers using their smart phone with the wrong GPS information via an inaccurate search engine listing will have a hard time finding your business or calling.


Setup Solutions “Structured Citation” is a search engine enhancement tool that lists your business in 50 search engines. The first step is to use the FREE Reporting tool.  If you are not happy about your listing results then consider contacting me. I have partnered with a software company to use API codes that will take your company’s information and push it out to 50 search engines, giving you the opportunity to display a complete company listing.


Here are some of the basics that are included:
Company Name and Logo, Address, Website, Email
Hours of Operation, Industry/Category of Business Service, Product Listing, Staff Information, as well as important details…